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How to activate WhatsApp web in iPhone?

WhatsApp Web is the official platform of WhatsApp Inc. which is capable of running in computers and laptops. But what about running the same on your iPhone? Although an iPhone does not require running WhatsApp web where there’s already an app developed for it. Still you might want to try out whether WhatsApp web will work out or not. There’s no such thing that’s impossible and cannot be done with an incompatible device.

To use WhatsApp web on your iPhone there’s a certain tweak that you need to understand and learn before attempting to do it.

Whatsapp Web iOS

How to use WhatsApp web in iPhone?

Using WhatsApp Web for iOS devices is not a straightforward technique but this requires jailbreaking your iPhone. You will find a number of jailbreaking techniques from around the web. To use Whatsapp web iOS, you’ll have to follow the below steps very carefully:

Jailbreak your iPhone with the latest jailbreaking techniques. (You can search them from the web).
After your device is jailbroken, go to Cydia and open it.
Now search for WhatsApp Web Enabler in Cydia and install the program.
After it is installed, go to Settings and look for WhatsApp Web Enabler.
Click on WhatsApp Web Enabler and enable it.
After it is done, now go back and open WhatsApp messenger.
Under WhatsApp settings, you’ll find the WhatsApp Web option.
Now head over to your computer and open Google Chrome browser.
Type in the url bar and hit enter.
Now come back to WhatsApp on your phone and click on the WhatsApp web option.
You’ll be asked to scan a QR code from WhatsApp web on pc. Scan the code.
After the code is verified, you’ll be able to access WhatsApp Web via your iPhone.

To use WhatsApp Web version from your iPhone, your phone should remain connected to your pc. Once it is disconnected you won’t be able to access WhatsApp web on your computer.

WhatsApp web include all the features which are incorporated in your smartphone app. With this program you can send and receive text or multimedia messages, view your contact list, broadcast messages, send group messages and attach files to your contacts.

The key benefit of using Whatsapp web is you don’t need stressfully typing from your phone every time and it gives you the convenience to speed type directly from your computer keyboard. With Whatsapp Web you can also download images and videos straight to your computer. This helps free up your phone storage and you can view them right from your pc.

The above mentioned tweak to access WhatsApp web from iPhone can be applied in all iOS versions starting from iOS 4 to iOS 8 and above. Remember, to jailbreak your device you should be very careful about the process and keep a backup of your phone data, messages and contacts before performing it. Therefore, now you can start using WhatsApp web from your iPhone and access it seamlessly.

How to Use Whatsapp on PC/Computer

Popular messaging platform, WhatsApp, has travelled a long way from smartphone to the pc. With the evolution of messaging, WhatsApp has changed the messaging and media sharing techniques with the smartest way.

Since most people nowadays use WhatsApp for messaging from their smartphones, pc users are still clueless if there’s any way to send messages from the computer. And to resolve this issue, developers have worked very hard to bring the same on the pc and it is here. WhatsApp can now be accessed from the pc with the same way as it is used in smartphones. So today we will explain the ways how it can be used in the pc.

Download WhatsApp for PC with Bluestacks App Player:

Bluestacks is software which carries the ability to run Android apps virtually on your pc. Similarly this software can run WhatsApp on pc. To download WhatsApp on your pc you should follow the steps below:

Download Bluestacks app player from Bluestaks office Site
Install the app on your pc.
After installing, open the app and search for WhatsApp from the search bar within the app.
Click on WhatsApp from the list and install it.

To run WhatsApp, keep Bluestacks app player open so that you can access the app.

How to use Whatsapp on pc?

Whatsapp for pc can be used in two ways:
1) By using Bluestacks app player.
2) By using WhatsApp web.

Use WhatsApp with Bluestacks App Player:

To use WhatsApp from Bluestacks app player follow the below ways:

Open Bluestacks app player and Run WhatsApp from it.
It will carry the same interface as in Android phones.
Open WhatsApp and register your phone number.
WhatsApp will send you a verification code thorough sms or call you. Enter the provided code and activate your WhatApp number.

Now you can start using WhatsApp from your computer. WhatsApp on pc will provide you all the features and options which are offered in the smartphone app.

Install Whatsapp on PC with WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is the official WhatsApp interface for pc. To use this you won’t require installing any app or downloading anything but need to keep your phone connected. WhatsApp Web can be simply used from your Google Chrome browser; unfortunately the other browsers are not supported yet. To use WhatsApp Web, proceed with the steps below:

Open Google Chrome and enter the url
Now open WhatsApp on your phone and go to the option WhatsApp web.
Click on WhatsApp web and you’ll be asked to scan a QR code from the url
Scan the code and you’ll be logged in to WhatsApp Web.

With WhatsApp Web, you can read, send messages, download and view all contacts from your computer and even attach and send media files. Just make sure your phone is connected to your pc because disconnecting it will also lose access to WhatsApp Web.

Hence, now you can start using WhatsApp from your computer without touching your phone. If you still facing any problem do comment below with your issue.

Monday, 20 July 2015

How to Install WhatsApp for PC Exclusive Guide

Whatsapp can be installed on your PC via a program called “Bluestacks”. It is an emulator that emulates android applications on your PC. You can use it to install and use almost all kind of android applications on your PC.

It is very simple to install this program and it works under a separate window by making your PC look like working on android rather than windows. Below are the steps to make Whatsapp run on your PC.


How to Use Whatsapp on PC :

After installing bluestacks, open the application and type “Whatsapp” in the search box. You can see whatsapp messenger on the top of the results.

However, if u can't find whatsapp in search results, simply download the apk file of whatsapp from the official website and install it on your PC by right clicking on downloaded apk file and the opening it with bluestacks.

Once the app is installed on your pc, open it by clicking the whatsapp icon in the bluestacks window.

Follow the on-screen instructions carefully. It will ask your country and your mobile number. Select your country and fill in the mobile number through which you are using whatsapp on your smartphone. Click “ok” to proceed.

It will send a verification code on your mobile number. It may fail and you have to wait for the entire process to end up. It will take 4-5 minutes to get failed.

After the failure it will ask you to get verification code via call. Click on call me button and you will receive a call on your mobile number in few moments.

You will hear a computerized voice telling you the verification code. Write that code on the computer when asked.

Once you are finished with the verification process, whatsapp will remind you about the trial period of usage after which you can buy the annual subscription by giving the specified amount.

In the end it will ask you your username and profile picture. Better write your original name and set your original picture as your profile picture so that people can easily recognize you. Click on “continue”.

After the successful completion of you profile, you can see all the contacts of you smart phone on your PC screen. Click on any contact and start chatting with them in the same way you would chat on your mobile.

You can switch between keyboard and emoticon by clicking the icon next to message input box.

It is possible to send videos, pictures, sound clips etc by clicking the paperclip button at top-right corner. This feature may not work on all the PCs.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Windows 8 Product Key 2015 [Updated]

What is a product key?

A Windows product key is a 25-character code that's used to activate Windows. Activation helps verify that Windows hasn't been used on more PCs than the Microsoft Software License Terms allow. 

Your product key is on a card inside the box that the Windows DVD came in—or in an email that shows that you bought Windows. It looks like this: PRODUCT KEY: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX. If you bought a PC with Windows pre-installed, contact the PC manufacturer for the original key.


It's a good idea to save a copy of your product key for your records in case you ever need to reinstall Windows. 

While reinstalling Windows 8 you will come to know that you will be needing product key to finish the installation. 
Windows 8, as well as most operating systems and other software, require the entry of unique product keys, sometimes called serial numbers, during installation.

You may get your product key in the Windows 8 CD bought by you or if you have a PC with pre-installed Windows 8 you may find it on a sticker placed on your system.
However, if you have lost your documentation and unable to find your product key then you may retain it through window registry using a program called product key finder.
Note:- A product key finder program will only find your valid Windows 8 key if Windows 8 is installed and working, and if you've manually entered the Windows 8 product key in some previous installation. 

You can find your product key using this program within few minutes. However, there are many key finder programs available to find your product key. You have to keep in mind those optional add-on programs, so be sure to uncheck those options during the program’s installation if you don’t want them support some. A few of them require no installation at all. 

Steps to find your Windows 8 product key-

Step 1: Download Belarc Advisor, a free PC audit program with full Windows 8 support that also functions as a key finder tool. It is not possible manually to locate the Windows 8 product key therefore you will need a program like this.

Step 2: Follow all the instructions during intsallation of Belarc Advisor.

Step 3: Run the program to retain your product key. Note the Windows 8 product key displayed in the Software Licenses section. 

Step 4: If you are still unable to locate your product key then you can ask for replacement product key from Microsoft or you can purchase a new copy of Windows 8. 

Thursday, 18 December 2014

{Updated} windows 7 serial key for 32bit/64bit 2015

Windows 7 is the best operating system since it’s officially launched in 2009. If you are looking for windows 7 serial key or product key then this website may help you to get updated and genuine windows 7 Activation key. Officially it is not legitimate to use any version of Windows without permission or purchasing from Microsoft.

But genuine copy of windows 7 is too costly and most of people can’t afford it. So keeping this thing in mind we are sharing some working products keys for windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit.

Windows 7 Serial Key 32 Bit
















Windows 7 Serial Key 64 Bit












Because of high volume of users these keys might be used by someone. So in this case if above listed serial keys don’t work, then you can request for a working product key for your windows by emailing us at  You will receive an email with a working product key for windows 7.

Updated on 04/16/2015

Hello users above listed product keys might have been used by other users so we have updated this article by latest windows 7 product keys .If you are still facing an error in activating copy of your windows ,you can send an email at


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Windows 7 Product Key 2015 [Updated]

Windows 7 Updated Product Key: Windows 7 is a upgraded family line version of Windows NT, Developed by Microsoft. Windows 7 is basically the same as Windows Vista. It’s a little bit different graphics wise on the way stuff is laid out this little bit different and it also runs a lot smoother.
It’s technically about a beta but you’d call a delta but regardless it’s running a beta. Windows 7 runs better then a Service Pack 1.

There is a no side bar in Windows 7 so you know the gaps on stock over here sometimes they do you clicks to the edges so if you see when you drag here goes and then click to the edge so you can attach them to a corner or even the side another program.
So over all Windows 7 is widely used  Operating system globally and you can easily download Windows 7 from Microsoft’s official site but you need to have Windows & product key in order to complete the installation process.

To get genuine copy of Windows you have to buy Windows 7 Ultimate product key from Microsoft Store but many of people don’t go for purchasing Windows Product key thus they are spending hours for Searching for Product keys.
So no worries we are providing Product keys of all versions of Windows 7.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit Product Key
Windows 7 Ultimate beta 64 bit Product Key
Note:  Before applying these product keys please turn off windows updates other Microsoft can detect that you are using duplicate product key.
See below images to turn off windows update:

 Step 1: Click on Windows button and open control pane.

Step 2: Click on System and Security tab.

Step 3: Now Click on Check for Updates.

Step 4: Now Click on change setting in left sidebar and select Never check for updates.

Windows 7 Ultimate Product Key






Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit Product key





Windows 7 Ultimate 32 Bit Product Key





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Monday, 17 November 2014

MS Office 2010 Product Key for Windows 7/8 [Updated]

Now you can easily activate Office 2010 by given below MS Office 2010 Product Keys. If you are using MS Office as part of company or organization then you should activate it by providing genuine product key.

It’s pretty difficult to find out working product key on internet. I got some MS Office 2010 product Keys to activation for single user but let’s discuss first how you can activate the product, there are various methods of Office activation 2010.

After entering activation key, Activation wizard will give two options for activation MS Office 2010 either ‘Activate by using the internet ‘or ‘Activate by using the telephones’.
Activation MS Office 2014 by Internet Connection:

After choosing an option of Activate by using the Internet the activation wizard automatically connects with Microsoft Product licensee service and they will verify your MS Office 2010 Product key that whether it is valid or not and activate your product quickly.
Activate MS Office 2014 by using telephone: If you want to activate your product by using telephone then you need to call to the Microsoft Activation Center to get your MS Office product key. You can find telephone no. on your product.

Note: This method may take longer time than above method.

Step 1: Start your installation wizard and select your country or region.
Step 2:  You will see a support telephone no. on your screen, now call the Activation support center.
Step 3: Now enter your confirmation ID and hit Enter.
Step 4: Your product will be activate in few moments.

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I guess, if you are on this page, then you are defiantly not looking for above paid methods.
Don’t worry you can use below mentioned MS Office Activation keys free of cost. All product keys are updated and 100% working and if you are unlucky to find any working product key then just drop me a mail on below mentioned email ID.

MS office 2014 Product Key/Activation key 32 Bit






office 2010 product key
Office 2010 Product Keys

MS office 2014 Product Key/Activation key 64 Bit






ms office 2010 product key free
Office 2010 Activation Key

I hope you guys found MS office 2010 Product key and in case you are unable to got one drop mail on below address we'll send one via mail in 24 hrs.

As we know above listed MS office 2010 product keys might be used by other users. So we are updating this article by listing some working MS office product key.


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Get windows xp product key free for 32 bit

Windows XP is an Operating System created and produced by Microsoft in 2001. Windows XP is the most widely used personal operating system. Microsoft offered support for windows XP since 2001 but recently they stopped their support and updates for windows XP. You can’t update your system by Windows XP product key.

If you are still using Windows XP your system will work fine but it may cause some security issue in your computer. In short, if your computer is running on windows XP will not be safe and will be face problem which may lose your important data.


But still if you are Searching for Windows Xp product key you are landed on right page. These xp product keys are latest but I’m not sure about them to be correct. I have tried few window xp product key and these were working fine. So you can try your luck.

Windows XP Product Key for SP2












xp product key

Windows XP Product Key for SP3








Check How to update windows XP home edition:

You’ll require latest windows xp product key to complete the update. Check below steps to activate your windows XP/vista.

Step 1: Click on the Start Button.
Step 2: Right click on Computer and go to the Properties.
Step 3: At the bottom click on Windows Activation and then click Change Product key.
Step 4: It will ask for administration permission click on OK and Process.
Step 5:  Now Go through with instructions to complete the activation process.

Conclusion: Don’t use Windows XP whether these Windows XP product key working or not because it may harm your system as well as your important files and data.